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The technical organizational integration of new networks and security solutions into current system environments is subject to risk; a challenge only be attempted by experts. Current data flow cycles should not really be interrupted and then only briefly. That means there is very little time available on location and everything has to be done quickly and without any hitches. With the help of ASAPCOM Integration Services the implementation risks on location and the time for installation are minimized.

Part of the integration service is the so called ‘staging’. That means that before the products and solutions are delivered to the customer they are first given a trial run in the ASAPCOM laboratory and prepared for their assignment with the customer. This includes the entire configuration. In the event that the integration prerequisites are very demanding, then a model of the component parts of the enterprises’ network will be built. The solution will then be adjusted in the laboratory for test purposes.

The introduction of new techniques and processes in the company in many cases leads to a change in current work routines. Training is given to the respective personnel to prepare them for these changes.